Global Food Producer CO2 Optimization Project

A national food distribution company was struggling with inconsistent quality, tight supply and safety exposure related to their current process utilizing CO2 for packaging

They were frustrated because:

  • Limited availability of CO2 was driving up costs
  • Current inefficient process was leading to spoilage
  • Waste CO2 posed considerable safety risk at their facilities

What they wanted was to develop a new process that would:

  • Reduce their exposure risk with CO2 supply, cost and safety
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Provide an acceptable return on investment


This is when AES stepped in by:

Bridging organizational hurdles between procurement, operations, and finance.

Design and implement a solution that reduced their CO2 consumption


saving the corporation approximately

$500K per site, per year

Avoid crippling plant shutdowns

Negate customer complaints over spoilage