Starline Brass LED + Controls Retrofit

An ammunition manufacturer in Missouri was struggling with a lighting retrofit from less than five years ago that left savings on the table and inconsistent lighting levels throughout their facility.

They were frustrated because they:

  • Trusted their incumbent electrician on the previous lighting upgrade
  • Were unhappy with the results
  • Feared that a move to LEDs wouldn’t pencil because of their relatively cheap cost of electricity

What they wanted was to:

  • Improve the work environment for their employees with increased light levels
  • Reduce maintenance headaches changing lamps and ballast
  • Save money
  • Offset their tax liability with federal tax deductions.


AES was able to design a LED solution that enabled them to:

Increase light levels


Maximize rebates from the utility, totaling

48% of the project cost

Leverage accelerated depreciation for the existing equipment as well as energy tax deductions that surpassed their net cost of the project.