George Washington from the Dollar Bill

A national food distribution company struggled with inconsistent quality, tight supply, and safety exposure related to their current process utilizing CO2 for packaging.

They Were Frustrated Because:

  • Limited Availability of CO2 Was Driving Up Costs
  • Current Inefficient Process Was Leading to Spoilage
  • Waste CO2 Posed Considerable Safety Risk at Their Facilities

They Wanted to Develop a New CO2 Optimization Process That Would:

  • Reduce Their Exposure Risk with CO2 Supply, Cost, and Safety
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Provide an Acceptable Return on Investment


Bridged Organizational Hurdles Between Procurement, Operations, and Finance

Designed and Implemented a CO2 Optimization Solution That Reduced Their Consumption by 50%

Saved the Corporation Approximately $500K Per Site Per Year

Avoided Crippling Plant Shutdowns

Negated Customer Complaints About Spoilage