Starline Facility

In Missouri, an ammunition manufacturer was struggling with a lighting retrofit from less than five years ago that left savings on the table and inconsistent lighting levels throughout their facility.

They Were Frustrated Because They:

  • Trusted Their Incumbent Electrician On the Previous Lighting Upgrade
  • Were Unhappy With the Results
  • Feared That a Move to LED Wouldn’t Pencil Because of Their Relatively Cheap Cost of Electricity

What They Wanted Was to:

  • Improve the Work Environment for Their Employees with Increased Light Levels
  • Reduce Maintenance Headaches Changing Lamps and Ballast
  • Save Money
  • Offset Their Tax Liability with Federal Tax Deductions


20% + Increased Light Levels

48% Of the Project Costs Covered by Utility Rebates

Leveraged the Accelerated Depreciation for the Existing Equipment As Well As Energy Tax Deductions that Surpassed Their Net Cost of the Project