National Food Distribution Project Stats

This national food distribution company teamed up with CMT and Ally Energy Solutions to implement a portfolio-wide lighting retrofit.

The team blended best rate/rebate facility with business priorities to roll out a program that saves the client over $2 million annually in energy spend. At the same time, over 1/3 of the project cost was paid for with rebates.

Project Scope:

  • 39 Facilities
  • 11,784,000 Cumulative Feet Retrofitted

Savings Beyond Energy Costs:

  • Volume Purchasing Agreements
  • Consistency Across their Footprint
  • Prioritize By Rate/Rebate Environment for Maximum ROI

Project Highlights

70.8% Lighting kWh Reduction

$2,053,379 Annual Lighting Systems Cost Reduction

40% Average Fixture “Off-Time” Through Use of Controls

$3,111,174 In Rebates and Incentives

35%of Project Cost