Facilities Location Map

This global protein producer looked to take advantage of good incentives in the SW region of their US footprint.

The demand side project scope varied from site to site and by utility incentives available. Working closely, AES and the client could map out a plan that married their business goals and best ROI.

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Project Scope(s)

41 Facilities

Boiler Improvements

Anaerobic Digester Gas Cleanup

Compressed Air System


LED Lighting

C02 Improvements


  • Gather Data from Each Site, Establish Baseline and Energy Use Intensities (EUI)
  • Scan Facility Portfolio for the Best Rates and Incentives
  • Understand Non-Energy Related Facility Prioritization
  • Bundle Projects to Achieve Economies of Scale
  • Leverage Buying Power
  • Helping Along with Longer Payback Projects

Project Highlights

$1,096,905 in Rebates and Incentives

10,786,727 kWh

2.49 Year Payback

$4,315,547 Annual Savings