Lynxspring Exchange Graphic

When Lynxspring Chief Communications Officer Marc Petock asked if we would like to join thought leaders from the Systems Integration and Building Intelligence communities to share a few Ally Energy insights and talk about today’s energy solutions market, we jumped at the chance.

Why? In this era where frequent paradigm shifts are the status quo, it’s not only good to have friends, and collaboration has become necessary. When utilities, facilities, technologists, distributors, and energy solutions providers can share subject matter expertise to advance our collective ability to serve our clients, everyone wins.

So, Ally Vice President Troy Moran and CEO Ray Pustinger will be heading down to the Lynxspring Exchange on October 2nd and 3rd in Scottsdale, AZ, to soak up the latest building intelligence technology. We’ll also be sharing our energy solutions perspectives with some highly talented systems integrators who are fast becoming a new class of energy solutions provider.

Ray will be speaking on a panel, “The Energy-Climate,” alongside Paul Holmes – Vice President, eSight Energy, and Aaron Brondum – Senior Manager & National Energy Engineering Yardi Energy Solutions.

For a preview of the thoughts we will be sharing, click here – Solutions You can also download the pdf of the presentation deck below.

Finally, if you know Troy, you know that he probably has a project going on nearby to check on, and he can only sit still for so long, so ”Hey guys, I’ll be back in a bit!”