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Ally Energy Solutions Wins the PPL Business Energy Contractor Award…And There Are Just So Many People to Thank!

Acknowledgement from the PPL Business Energy Efficiency Program, for highest KWh saved in August of 2017, is the result of multiple stakeholders coming together to complete a project that will reduce energy consumption by more than 5,000,000 kWh annually plus the benefit of related HVAC and maintenance savings.

Just like any business, here at Ally Energy Solutions, we love the occasional shout-out, pat on the back and public recognition for a job well done. It means we’re doing good work and our efforts as a company are in line with the forward-looking vision of our business partners. But as much as we like taking credit and winning awards, the fact of the matter is, we don’t exist in a bubble, and in order for us to succeed in delivering the kinds of energy cost savings and environmental benefits that come with large-scale LED lighting and controls upgrades, we rely on our collaborators and business partners, whose efforts are indispensable to seeing these projects through to fruition.

We’d Like to Thank the Project’s Facility Owner

We’ve been awarded the PPL Business Energy Contractor Award to recognize our work installing LED lighting and controls upgrades at a Pennsylvania manufacturing complex that uses more than 60 million kWh of electricity annually. This plant made a significant investment in a completely new LED lighting and controls system in order to improve the overall energy efficiency and safety of their facility. This investment reflects their commitment to a cleaner energy future, as well as a desire to make their facilities safer and more comfortable for their team members. Over the next 10 years, these improvements are slated to result in an energy savings of 50 million kilowatt hours, driving tremendous cost savings that benefit the manufacturer, employees, customers and environment alike.

Just to put the environmental benefits into perspective, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator, the emissions saved by this upgrade over ten years is equivalent to 3,744 metric tons of carbon dioxide – the same amount of carbon dioxide produced by burning just over four million pounds of coal.

We’d Like to Thank the Product Suppliers

Meanwhile, this project never would have happened without the innovation, design and continual improvements happening within the lighting industry itself. Upgrades for efficiency, safety and sustainability start with efficient, safe and sustainable products. This project relied on companies including Hubbel Lighting and Controls, Envirobright, Flex, Sylvania, Wattstopper and Legrand, among others, to achieve the impressive energy savings recognized by the PPL award. These savings include annual lighting energy savings, maintenance savings and HVAC savings. Beyond the financial benefits, the upgrade products we chose are mercury and lead-free, thus eliminating the need for hazardous waste removal; and they are glass free, removing a potential source of employee injury throughout the plant.

We’d Like to Thank the Utilities

Thanks to PPL Electric Utilities, we were able to use our expertise in financial engineering to craft a financing plan which most effectively utilized available government and utility-backed rebates and incentives. The utility-backed rebate that the processing plant eventually qualified for covered almost 15% of the project costs. This front-end contribution, combined with the annual cost savings, means that this efficiency project has a very attractive return on investment for the facility owner.

We’d Like to Thank the Awards Committee

It feels good to win this award, and we’re thankful to the PPL Business Energy Efficiency Program for its efforts in acknowledging companies that are working toward creating business environments that are safer, healthier and more environmentally sustainable. It just goes to show that ultimately, when the interests of key stakeholders align with the objectives of environmental sustainability, health and safety, anything is possible and we are all winners.

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