When it comes to developing multi-faceted energy management solutions for complex facilities, there is simply no room for mediocrity. Ours is a complicated industry with many moving parts, numerous stakeholders and various opportunities for savings that can register in the millions of dollars for our clients – but only if you know where to look. That’s why the Ally team of engineers, project managers and support staff are among the best in the business – they have to be.

It is with the singular goal of providing the very best in service and energy management solutions that we seek out and retain the smartest, most creative and dynamically experienced individuals we can find. To that end, we’re pleased to announce we’ve added two new members to the Ally Energy team – Director of Engineering, Evan Bowers, and Energy Engineer, Jackie Manatt.

Evan Bowers

Evan Bowers, P.E., CEM, CMVP, Ally Energy Director of Engineering

Our new director of engineering, Evan Bowers, P.E., CEM, CMVP brings a wealth of utility-side experience and insight to our projects. With a background in field engineering, energy audits and project management, Evan is adept at developing multi-faceted energy management solutions, while guiding engineers to create savings and implementation plans that leave no stone unturned in their quest for maximum efficiency and cost savings for our clients.

Jackie Manatt

Jackie Manatt, P.E., CEM, CMVP, Energy Engineer

Energy engineer, Jackie Manatt has a history of working with industrial and commercial customers, and a background that includes a thorough understanding of utility rebate programs and incentive acquisition tactics. With experience working with multiple facility systems, Jackie brings a high level of BMS and EMS insight to Ally projects, as well as the ability to pair that insight with a deep knowledge of utility incentives and creative cost savings opportunities.

Ally Energy Solutions – Unbeatable Expertise in a Highly Complex Industry

The Ally team is comprised of experts dedicated to building strategic energy plans that make the most of every optimization and cost saving opportunity available. We invite you to explore our team member page and learn more about the people behind the facility-wide energy savings and solutions for which we are known. Meet the Team