Troy Moran at Quaker Oats Plant

Troy Moran – Relationship Focus, Technical Expertise, and a Hands-On Approach

When Troy Moran set out to co-found his own energy solutions company, one of his biggest motivators was to work with good people who put results first, “…doing a good job is just good business”. Moran’s years of experience developing energy solutions as a Master Electrician helped shape his outlook that the best outcomes are the result of great communication and project design that addresses the needs of all stakeholders, from the C-Suite to the facility maintenance staff.

Defining Success

Troy believes that success goes beyond the transaction and project completion.  Success should be measured in outcomes – the cost savings, the energy savings, the improvements to working conditions, and the ease with which the facility can be maintained over time. “In the end success can only be achieved through mutual respect and the confidence that all parties are sitting on the same side of the table.”

Deliver – No Matter What

The execution of industrial-scale energy efficiency projects requires a high level of technical and engineering expertise, combined with planning and design that is flexible. According to Moran, what makes Ally so effective is that “…we are smart enough to know that we don’t know everything. We make a good plan, but the plan is not rigid. If we find along the way that there is a better implementation pathway, we adjust.” Placing the result above the plan means that if a change has to happen in the eleventh hour to yield a better result, Ally will make that change.

“Our customers trust us with their facilities, and we take that trust seriously.  They are giving us the responsibility to achieve the best balance of cost, energy savings and operational benefit and that’s a big deal to us. When we deliver, our reward is the opportunity to do the next project, the next facility in the portfolio and a long-term relationship. That’s why we make good no matter what.”

Troy Moran

An Eye on the Future

Up until recently, post-project measurement and verification (M&V) efforts were directed primarily at securing utility incentives and brief post-install verification that the project was executed as planned. But now, today’s technology enables continuous data-driven M&V, portfolio benchmarking and operational insights through ongoing data analytics. Moran says that Ally is intent on delivering more than completed projects; “We are developing our projects to include data acquisition platforms to provide lasting value and a whole new layer of insight,” says Moran, “where ongoing visibility and continuous commissioning deliver even higher levels of efficiency over time. That’s the future, and it’s exciting!

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