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Ally’s Lighting and Electrical Division Manager is a Lighting and Controls Expert.

Over 400 Thousand Fixtures Installed and Over 273 Million Square Feet Retrofitted and He’s Just Getting Started.

As the head of Ally Energy’s Lighting and Electrical Division, Troy Weston is responsible for the successful implementation of Ally projects and ground-up installations in over 30 states in 2017 alone. Projects that are already saving those industrial facilities millions!

This role requires a high level of expertise and an incredible depth of experience to ensure that projects are installed on budget and on deadline. However, it also requires the ability to orchestrate installations in a way that results in the least amount of disturbance and difficulty for the scores of industrial facility employees who must continue working during implementation.

Achieving this kind of balance takes that special combination of technical skill and genuine likability – and Troy Weston has it.

Decades of Hand’s-On Experience in Electrical Process

Ever since childhood, Troy was interested in electronics, but it wasn’t until he enlisted in the navy and was assigned to maintaining submarine navigational equipment that his career began to take shape. After his enlistment, Troy worked as an electrician and earned his Master Electrician Certification from the state of Tennessee. He began moving up the chain of command as an electrical project manager during the early wave of lighting retrofits that began when energy efficient lighting technology first emerged. He’s been at it ever since.

“Starting from the bottom has helped me to be able to visualize how to get the project done at every stage,” said Troy. “I can better communicate what needs to happen, and I can communicate that to the people who have to actually work at the facility during the upgrade.”

Lighting Fixtures

Expert Communication Skills

Troy’s years of field experience allows him to clearly explain what needs to be done, how long it will take, and the types of impact each stage of the process will likely cause.

 “Our customers have full-time jobs that have to continue while we’re in there,” said Troy. “The best way I can help is constant communication with the principals at the plant and the employees who are there working day-to-day.”

A Respect for All People Throughout the Chain of Command

As a genuine people person, Troy Weston sees each job as a chance to connect, expand his circle and learn. With a sincere desire to cause the least amount of disruption and a personal pride in his work, Troy approaches project management as an opportunity to continually do better.

“We know that when we give Troy a job, it’s going to be done right,” said Ally Vice President and founding Partner Brian Walterbach. “Troy’s easygoing personality, combined with his drive to make sure things are done properly and done quickly makes for projects that result in the least amount of pain and disruption for their facilities.”

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