Peak Load Management Alliance

The PLMA 2018 Fall Conference

The Latest Advances in Load Management, Demand Response & Distributed Energy Resource Integration

On November 12-14, 2018, Ally CEO Ray Pustinger will be in Austin, Texas, to attend the PLMA 2018 Fall Conference. The conference provides an opportunity for leaders in the fields of load management, demand response (DR), and distributed energy resources (DER) to come together and discuss the latest field advancements and new possibilities on the horizon.

PLMA – The Leading Voice in DR and DER

The Peak Load Management Association (PLMA) was founded in 1999 to be a community where load management experts could share their knowledge and advance the industry as a whole. The association brings together utility companies, trade allies, and solutions providers for peer-to-peer networking and the opportunity to examine implementation strategies from the perspectives of various stakeholders.

2018 PLMA Leadership

PLMA Executive Committee

A Move Toward 24/7 Energy Load Management

As the name PLMA implies, it used to be that the load management community was focused on managing relatively static peak loads at the grid level. In today’s evolving energy landscape, system peaks have become more dynamic due to a growing population of distributed energy resources, on-site renewable power sources, and utility price models that are driven as much by time of use as they are by volume. The PLMA focus has evolved to 24/7 load management and achieving even higher system efficiency levels at the distribution and facility levels.

Ally and PLMA – A Relationship with Strong Roots

Here at Ally, we’re long-time supporters of the vital work that PLMA does for the energy industry as a whole. As energy solutions providers, we value a place at the table where relevant conversations are taking place that can impact energy use for years to come. We are invested in the success of this organization, and to that end, Ally CEO, Ray Pustinger, has been a proud member since 2013 and an executive committee member since 2016.

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