Meet the Team - Tim Begnoche

Meet the Team – Tim Begnoche

Tim Begnoche

When You’re in Need of An Energy Solutions Ally, Look No Further Than Tim Begnoche.

There are individuals within any organization that are worth their weight in gold. You can identify them by their enthusiasm, their can-do attitude, and their willingness to take on any task whether or not it’s in their job description. Here at Ally Energy Solutions, we’re fortunate to have many such individuals, and Tim Begnoche is a great example.

A State by State Expert on Utility Backed Rebates & Incentives

As a national company dedicated to providing end-to-end energy efficiency solutions to industrial manufacturing portfolios, we need experts on our team with working knowledge of the energy landscape on a state by state basis. Tim Begnoche is just such an expert. Tim has made it his mission to understand the incentive structures available for each project and apply them to a project’s scope in a way that accounts both for existing efficiency upgrades and the potential untapped opportunities at the site.

Understanding the rebate possibilities is not a fix-it and forget-it endeavor. Every state has its own systems and guidelines, and those guidelines update and change with some frequency. Certain Texas utilities, for example, require that savings be mapped out through sensor backed data. Because of this, sensors must be installed first in order to gauge the savings potential. California’s Pacific Gas and Electric, on the other hand, offers rebates based on fixture wattage. Tracking down these kinds of details is one of the most important parts of the plan – and it happens long before a single fixture is placed.

Graph Detailing Energy Usage

Incentive and Tariff Analysis are Necessary Long Before Implementation

Incentives, however, are only part of the equation. The structure of your utility bill, referred to as the tariff, must be understood to accurately model and project energy savings in dollars. That’s why Ally relies on team members like Tim to perform comprehensive tariff analysis in order to scope out the highest potential project value outside of any rebates. By examining a site’s utility bill and modeling the various components of energy cost – energy charges (kWh), demand charges (kw), fees and surcharges – both before and after project implementation, Tim helps Ally project managers design systems that result in the highest savings opportunities for their clients.

12 Month Savings-10 Year Flow

“Our whole purpose here at Ally is to work on the client’s behalf in order to create higher functioning, more efficient, more cost positive facilities,” said Tim. “One of the benefits of working with Ally is that we take responsibility for incentive acquisition from feasibility assessment to final payment. We accurately calculate the savings according to your tariff, rather than from a simple averaged kWh rate. We do all of the incentive research, legwork and calculations, file the applications with the utility, provide measurement and verification, and collect the incentives.”

Ally Team Members Make Our Company Strong

It’s team members like Tim Begnoche that make Ally an efficiency partner capable of handling the most complex projects around. Whether it’s a multi-state, portfolio-wide LED lighting retrofit or a system-wide audit to uncover hidden opportunity, we have the people, the skills and the capability to help our clients achieve significant efficiency backed savings. (In fact, that’s how we won the PPL Business Energy Contractor Award in 2017 – read about it here: Highest KWh saved in August 2017.)

Are You Ready to Save Money While Meeting Your Portfolio’s Sustainability Initiatives?