Arizona Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Industrial Refrigeration Systems Upgrade Results in Nearly $300K in Annual Cost Savings

Arizona Manufacturer Partners with Ally to Automate Refrigeration Systems Controls

For industrial refrigeration systems, automated controls are not the future – they are the present. The automation of controls saves money, it allows for real-time monitoring and issue identification, and it optimizes the functionality of existing systems, which can reduce the need for further capital expenditure.

Ally Energy Solutions recently partnered with a US manufacturer on a refrigeration controls automation upgrade for their Arizona processing facility, and the results are exactly what we had intended. Not only did the effort deliver lower energy costs, but it also provides for increased insights in the form of operational alerts for improved system maintenance and real-time energy monitoring.

Here are few of the highlights:

  • $287,000 per year saved in energy and operational costs.
  • Improved efficiency as measured by kW/ton of refrigeration.
  • Load optimization increased capacity and mitigated future capital expenditures.
Induced Draft Condenser Installation
Installed Induced Draft Condenser

Savings Coupled with Improved Operations is a Win-Win

The beauty of an automated controls upgrade is that it is more than just a money play. Yes, with an upgrade of this nature, large facilities do stand to save millions in the long term, and of course, that is always going to be the headline. But automating controls helps in so many other ways, too – it streamlines processes, cuts down on employee errors, and reduces the time associated with troubleshooting and repairs. Because automated controls are always alert, awake and watching, they also improve safety because the can identify problems quickly and sound the alarm when necessary.

There’s Nothing Better Than A Project Delivered on Budget… (But a little extra bang for the buck doesn’t hurt either.)

Here at Ally Energy Solutions, we’re proud to be an energy services company that does what it says it’s going to do, on time and on budget. But, being the workaholic overachievers that we are, what we really love to do is go above and beyond.

That’s why, when we realized that we had a little more time and funds to deliver some added value beyond the scope of our stated deliverables without going over budget, we went for it. From cleaning up existing wiring and replacing a number of hotbox and pressure components, to setting up remote monitoring and ventilation controls in the engine room, we updated the facility’s refrigeration beyond mere controls automation to ensure the entire system now operates at peak performance.

Why Over-Deliver? It’s Just Good Business

We did this because here at Ally when we say we sit at our client’s side of the table, we really mean it. It’s much more important for us to deliver above and beyond scope than it is to pocket a little extra profit. And this relationship-centered approach is working. The Arizona industrial refrigeration systems upgrade is just one of many projects we have completed for this partner company and its portfolio of facilities across the United States.

In fact, over the past few years, we have been able to deliver more than $5 million in annual cost savings to this client while reducing their greenhouse gas footprint by more than 63 million pounds.

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