Meet Chris Long

Meet the Team – Chris Long

Reliable, Diligent and Detail Oriented – Ally’s Lighting and Electrical Construction Division Manager, Chris Long, Leads a Team of 8 Professional Project Managers that Will Deliver More than 100 Projects in 2019

Chris Long

An Ally Project Manager since 2017, Chris recently accepted responsibility for the entire lighting and electrical division. In his role as Lighting and Electrical Construction Division Manager, Chris leads a team of eight professional project managers and is at any given time responsible for delivering as many as 100 turnkey projects ranging from lighting to EV charging to emergency generators.

With a history of boots-on-ground experience as an electrician, Chris understands every angle of an electrical project. This intricate knowledge of processes and products helps him to clearly explain project details to clients, while also allowing him to identify potential issues and fix them before they become problems. Meanwhile, his understanding of contractor duties helps him to manage all team members and sub-contractors, and communicate what needs to be done efficiently and succinctly. Finally, his comprehensive field knowledge gives him the insight necessary to objectively assess all workmanship and maintain Ally’s standard of excellence.

A Flawless Installation Begins with A Plan that Leaves Nothing to Chance

If there is one thing that Chris has learned in his years of experience in the electrical field, it’s that planning and pre-construction are of vital importance. Creating detailed checklists and timelines helps him ensure in advance, that all aspects and phases of the job are going to be scheduled appropriately and completed properly.

This front-end attention to detail can result in huge savings – both in terms of time and money. And while projects rarely go exactly according to plan, when combined with open communication with the client and realistic estimates from sub-contractors and materials suppliers, this foresight helps to create a moving picture of the entire job that can be more easily adjusted to account for unforeseen circumstances or unexpected delays.

Energy Planning

Planning Is Only Part of the Job – Post Construction Follow Up is Also Vital

Chris leads his department with an eye always on process improvement. That’s why he puts a lot of stock in post-construction review and follow up. After a job is completed, Chris gets to work on understanding what went right and the areas where things could have gone better. He evaluates the plan as it compares with the reality and reviews the performance of subcontractors and materials providers as well as the materials themselves to be sure they continue to meet Ally’s standards of excellence. He also meets with design teams to discuss how the plan played out in the real world and where adjustments can be made in the future.

This process of continual improvement is part of what differentiates Ally from its competition, and it is team members like Chris, who are dedicated to always upping the ante in terms of quality and efficiency.

It’s Easy to Do Good Work When You Believe in What You’re Doing and Like the People You Work With

For Chris, the most exciting part of his job is being able to deliver on the promise that Ally makes to its customers. Chris appreciates that the work he is doing is benefiting his clients financially, while also helping them achieve their sustainability objectives.

The fact that his teammates are all equally invested also helps. “We all will do whatever is necessary – whether that’s jumping on a phone call or jumping on a plane. We’re a tight knit group which means we’re always ready to lend a hand even if the task is not in our job description.”

Chris believes that one of the things that makes Ally so special is its team environment and the fact that all members take ownership of a project. The pride that comes with delivering what are often extreme levels of efficiency compared to what a facility had before is both motivating and fulfilling.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about energy efficiency for our clients. It’s so cool to go into a project with the absolute confidence that we’re saving the customer money.”

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