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Ally Energy Solutions and R Systems Join Forces – Strategic  Combination Expands Capabilities, Provides Growth Opportunities

Ally Energy Solutions and R Systems are pleased to announce that R Systems has joined the Ally team effective May 1, 2019. The combination allows Ally to seamlessly deliver energy, data, and controls solutions to our clients while driving operating cost savings, automating, and future proofing their manufacturing facilities.

This partnership comes after years of successful collaboration in which Ally and R Systems have worked together to implement projects of varying scope and scale. The R Systems team of industrial controls experts are experienced in serving a diverse customer base including municipal and military water/wastewater, red and white meat processors, OEM machine manufacturers, seed treating, crop sciences, hospitals, leather tanners, and environmental control systems manufacturers. Their skills and expertise contribute to Ally’s industrial controls capabilities, further rounding out our energy supply, demand-side efficiency, distributed energy resources, and data solutions services.

“The combination of R System’s industrial controls expertise and the Ally Team’s energy solutions expertise will be unique in our industry, significantly amplifying our ability to provide value to our clients,” said Ally President and CEO Ray Pustinger, “The growing Ally Team is committed to providing seamless energy data, industrial controls and energy solutions to our clients in every project we undertake. We are well equipped to deliver these solutions with an extensive track record in our chosen markets, a deep pool of domain knowledge, and a national network of trusted channel partners.”

Data Technology Interface

Industrial Facilities Rely on Data and Technology and Ally is Ready to Assist with Whole-System Expertise

Now more than ever, industrial facilities are relying on digital technology and data-driven solutions to identify and validate energy opportunities, increase production rates, reduce waste, and improve quality. With ever-changing software and hardware products, this can be a daunting task.  With Ally’s technical capabilities, combined with a relationship-based culture that focuses on value-driven solutions, the alignment of interests, and people ahead of transactions, we deliver the energy, control and data solutions that result in profit for all.

Erlan Rice

“The Ally business and client services values are in alignment with the values we have cultivated at R Systems,” said Erlan Rice, Ally’s new Industry Principal and Vice President of Industrial Controls.  “I am very confident that the culture we have nurtured as separate businesses will be mirrored and enhanced as we go forward together.”

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