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Ally Co-Founder Brian Walterbach is a Supply and Demand Side Expert Who’s Setting the Industry Bar for Service and ROI

Brian Walterbach

One of the biggest ways that the Ally team differentiates itself from the competition is in their commitment to meeting their savings estimates, and delivering measurable results for their clients. From installing real-time monitoring equipment in order to demonstrate proof of concept, to providing added value beyond scope when a project comes in under budget, the Ally team is results-driven and customer-focused. This ability to create value beyond expectation is made possible by the entire team’s in-depth understanding of both supply and demand side energy efficiency. That deep industry knowledge starts at the top with people like Ally vice president and founding partner, Brian Walterbach.

Brian Walterbach’s understanding of the energy industry encompasses both the supply side (how energy is procured and purchased) and the demand side (how energy is consumed within the facility), and his level of insight is invaluable in an industry where the savings come in many forms. He got his start in the industry as a tariff analyst, where he learned nearly everything there is to know about procurement and utility rate structures. Then, as a field service manager, he learned all about the challenges and opportunities of demand side efficiency, including utility incentive and rebate programs. With rebates and incentives completed in nearly every state, projects are driven to maximize the amount of incentives awarded by the utility or state efficiency programs. Now, with the mind of an analyst and a dedication to client satisfaction, Brian uses this knowledge and experience to deliver cost savings and improved efficiency to Ally’s nationwide roster of industrial manufacturing facilities.

“Understanding the supply side is the only way to quantify in dollars what a demand-side project is going to save. If you do not understand how the utility rate works, it is impossible to calculate the savings with any degree of certainty.”

If This Were Football, Brian Would Be the Quarterback

Every team needs a go-to guy, and for Ally, Brian is the leader in the huddle. In addition to his role as resident efficiency expert, Brian is also responsible for delivering the overall customer experience and setting the company bar for customer relations, while simultaneously serving as the principal responsible for Ally’s growing roster of professional project managers and implementation teams. He’s the hub around which much of the business activities turn. But despite being a founding partner, he’s not above doing whatever needs to be done to keep his company running strong. Brian models a work ethic and commitment to Ally’s clients that is emulated throughout the chain of command, and the result is a company culture with a standard of professionalism, accountability, hard work and respect that results in a team atmosphere and degree of loyalty that cannot be bought.

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The leadership team at Ally prides itself on transparency and working at all times from the client’s side of the table. What does this mean in real terms? While many efficiency companies make cost-savings estimates based on information provided by the client, then leave the burden of proof for project success on the customer, Brian guides his teams through careful analysis, projections and eventual validation exercises to prove a project’s worth. Ally’s savings approximations are based on numbers that are derived from in-depth examination of existing utility bills, coupled with demand side upgrade projections backed by historical data points. This strategy allows for highly accurate estimates, while also helping Ally analysts identify on-bill savings opportunities that may have been previously overlooked.

This type of work cannot be successfully accomplished without energy efficiency experts like Brian Walterbach leading the charge. His expertise at maximizing incentives, coupled with customer relations and team management make him an invaluable contributor to Ally’s success. Brian knows what is important to customers and provides continuity from the sales cycle all the way through to the finished product.

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