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Wastewater Treatment Efficiency Projects Can Have Huge Savings Potential

One of the biggest expenses for industrial manufacturing facilities can be wastewater management and wastewater treatment. Water, in general, is a utility that is reliant on other utilities including natural gas and electricity, and because of this, its overarching cost impact can be significant. With so many moving parts, efficiency potential can manifest in ways that are not always obvious. In fact, they can often be completely overlooked by the untrained eye. It’s worth enlisting the help of an expert, because when it comes to boosting wastewater efficiency, the savings can be in the millions.

As efficiency partners for some of the largest industrial manufacturers in the country, the Ally team has used its supply- and demand-side efficiency expertise to uncover compelling opportunities, sometimes in unlikely places. We’ve secured savings by lowering natural gas usage associated with treatment, identified equipment upgrades that have high efficiency potential, and we’ve identified missed supply-side savings opportunities through bill and rate analysis.

The following wastewater treatment project summaries are a few of the efficiency wins we’ve recently secured for our clients:

Industrial Manufacturing- Protein Plant

Natural Gas Usage Drops an Estimated 40K BTU’s at Wastewater Treatment Plant

One of our clients, a protein producer with facilities located throughout the United States, relies on an anaerobic lagoon and secondary aeration basin for treating wastewater at one of its midwestern facilities. The temperature in the secondary aeration basin must be kept at 50° in order to maintain functionality, and during the winter months the natural gas usage associated with this effort was exorbitant.

After examining the energy use data and processes by which this temperature was maintained, Ally put together a plan.

Project: Ally engineers noticed that the surface aerators in the lagoon were responsible for approximately 30% of heat loss. The solution included replacing surface aerators with sub-surface propellers and implementing aeration blower controls upgrades (VFD based on dissolved oxygen levels). This improved control of the influent’s temperature as it entered the basin, cut natural gas usage, and saved an estimated 300HP in aerator functionality.

Results: The results were pretty dramatic – With a two-year simple payback, the facility is saving and annual 40K BTU’s with an annual estimated energy savings of $200K and an associated maintenance savings of $70K.

Aeration Test at Wastewater Treatment Facility

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Pre-Treatment Wastewater System Installation Results in Cost Savings Over $1.3 Million and Eventual Secondary Biodiesel Revenue Stream

One of our clients, an industrial manufacturing plant, recently approached us to evaluate and manage the installation of a dissolved air flotations (DAF) pre-treatment wastewater system. The installation had the potential to deliver a number of cost savings and revenue opportunities including the reduction in wastewater treatment costs for effluent discharged into the municipal system, and the recovery of #2 grease for a subsequent new revenue stream in the form of biodiesel production.

Project: Ally evaluated two systems in consideration for the project and provided engineering design and permit support, capital costs, project construction and project management. Ally also oversaw the construction and commissioning of a new building to house the DAF system as well as the development of operations and maintenance manuals and system training.

Results: The resulting reduction in wastewater treatment costs and the #2 grease recovery potential and secondary revenue stream, resulted in an estimated combined savings opportunity of $1,388,930 with a three-year simple payback.

Water Meters

Ally’s System Audit Expertise Results in Automatic $1.6 Million Water & Sewer Bill Reduction

Sometimes the biggest savings happen without making a single upgrade or large-scale investment – but you have to know where to look. When confronted with a $1.7 million water bill, a Riverside, California industrial manufacturer enlisted Ally to help them find a way to cut costs.

The client was considering installing a costly water re-use system that was difficult to operate. But before giving an endorsement for that project, Ally’s supply side experts went to work examining the facility’s water bill to determine if there was any opportunity for on-bill cost reductions. What they found ended up saving the facility over a million dollars without investing a single penny in system upgrades.

Project: Ally analysts reviewed the facility’s sewer bill and determined that it was being calculated based on purchased water – including all water that was evaporating and never reaching the sewers.

Results: A simple letter explaining the charge overages error resulted in a dramatic cost savings of $1.6 million.

Wastewater Treatment Efficiency is Increasingly Becoming an Intriguing Avenue for Cost Savings and Revenue

LED lighting, sensors, and refrigeration upgrades are typical go-to’s when it comes to energy efficiency projects, but sometimes it pays to look outside the box. Partnering with an energy solutions expert can help you find unique savings opportunities and exciting new revenue streams. With decades of experience and a team of supply, demand and data solutions experts, Ally can help you reach your efficiency goals and uncover savings potential in unlikely places.

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