Jeremy Dillon Identifies Savings

Meet the Team – Jeremy Dillon

Jeremy Dillon – A Master at Maximizing the Savings Potential of Energy Efficiency Projects

Ally Energy Solutions uses a five-step turnkey approach to deliver the most cost savings and efficiency for every project we initiate. Through this process, we are able to provide the highest value to our clients, rather than merely checking off efficiency compliance boxes. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the first three steps of our approach happen before a single light gets changed or sensor is installed. Most of the magic occurs within the planning phases – and none of it would be possible without expertise from team members such as Jeremy Dillon.

As a member of the applied technology group, Jeremy uses his years of experience in utility energy efficiency program implementation to help to strategize and assess project feasibility in order to maximize savings.

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Experience Combined with On-Site Feedback Unlocks Hidden Potential

One of the ways Jeremy helps develop strategic energy plans that result in high level ROI is by visiting the facilities in question and speaking to the people who know the buildings better than anyone – the facility system operators. By getting feedback about the day to day operations, Jeremy can often identify additional opportunities that contribute to operational efficiency in ways that may be overlooked with a purely outsider perspective.

“If you are willing to listen to system operators, they will tell you the day-to-day problems they encounter, which provides additional opportunities for us to help them improve their building’s efficiency.”    

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Savings Opportunities Abound – If You Know Where to Look

Jeremy’s background in efficiency program implementation helps him to identify overlooked savings potential, while his strategic insights contribute to project development that focuses on the most profitable opportunities first. Jeremy takes seriously the Ally mission to always sit at the client’s side of the table, and he uses his expertise to examine the project’s scope and pinpoint the best use of budget for the greatest possible savings and efficiency.

Ally Team Members Go the Distance for Our Clients

The Ally team is committed to delivering high ROI to our clients, and it’s individuals like Jeremy Dillon who see that commitment through every day and with every project. Analysis, expertise and on-site communication are just some of the ways Jeremy helps shape Ally’s client-first culture, and we value his contribution.

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