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Ally Energy President, Shawn Rash Speaks at the E2 Clean Jobs Report Release

Shawn RashOn September 12, 2019, E2, “a national, nonpartisan group of business leaders, investors, and others who advocate for smart policies that are good for the environment and good for the economy,” released its 2019 Colorado Clean Jobs Report. The release event, held at the Marriot Spring Hill Suites in Grand Junction, included a panel discussion featuring Ally President, Shawn Rash; the leader of the Colorado Outdoors Project, David Dragoo; and Colorado Representative for HD-6, Chris Hansen.

The report details Colorado clean energy job statistics, which place the state in the top ten in the US for jobs in wind, bioenergy, and overall renewable generation. The state boasts a 4.8% job growth across all clean energy sectors in 2018, which is a growth rate in clean energy employment opportunities double that of statewide employment statistics.

The report also provides an industry breakdown, which put energy efficiency in a strong lead position in terms of the number of jobs by sector with 34,342 positions in 2018 compared with the second-place job creator – renewable energy – which came in at 17,073 jobs in 2018.

The report proves that the energy efficiency economy is strong and is continually growing as technology advances. As these developments are helping clean energy jobs become more and more of an economic force – in Colorado and across the nation — Shawn Rash joined his fellow panelists, to speak on the topic: “how we can expand the clean energy economy and bring more good-paying jobs to the western slope.”

“What we were able to highlight to our audience,” said Rash, “is that while there is an inevitable transition away from fossil fuel and the businesses that provide it, there are real jobs and real opportunities for our community in the clean energy industry.  Ally is employing people right here in our community, and we intend to grow that workforce.”

Clean Energy Drawing - Solar and Wind

E2 Clean Jobs Report Profiles Ally Engineer and Analyst, Hayden Murphy

The report, which is available for download here: Clean Jobs Colorado, also featured a profile of Ally engineer and analyst, Hayden Murphy.

In the profile, Hayden reflects of why he chose a career in energy efficiency, what a typical Ally building efficiency project entails, and where he believes energy efficiency is headed.

“The highlight of this event for me was the recognition that Hayden received, said Rash. “The Clean Jobs representative recognized Hayden to the whole group, and that was the moment I was most proud of.”

The entire Ally Energy Solutions team is grateful to E2 for its recognition of Hayden and for the inclusion of Shawn at their report release panel discussion. We are thrilled to be part of such an important and growing industry, and as clean energy moves further into the mainstream, we’re proud to be a part of its ongoing development.

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