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Meet the Team — Ross Smith

Capability Backed by Experience – That’s What the Ally Team Brings to Every Job and our Director of Mechanical Construction, Ross Smith, is Leading the Charge

Ross SmithBy and large, energy efficiency projects all have similar objectives – improve operational safety and work environment, save energy and money, and streamline processes. The types of projects are also similar – LED lighting and sensor retrofits, automated control systems, energy monitoring, data acquisition and analytics, and so on. But when it gets down to on-site design and implementation, the similarities end. Each individual project is both complex and unique. Because of this, designs must be fluid and focused on the energy and operational result. That’s why Ally Energy Solutions employs experts like LEED accredited electrical engineer and industrial controls expert, Ross Smith.

An Industrial Controls Expert Who’s “Seen It All”

Before joining the Ally team, Ross spent years building modular power distribution centers for custom industrial electrical equipment. In this capacity, he constructed and tested scores of project-specific power centers, which resulted in an almost encyclopedic knowledge of electrical systems, their componentry, potential issues, and the design methods that result in optimum efficiency within a custom space.

From this experience, Ross developed an expertise in analyzing facility layouts and knowing how to adjust a plan to deliver increased savings on materials and greater overall design efficiency.

“Because I’ve worked on so many electrical systems, I can tell right away if a plan is going to work just by looking at it; and if it’s not going to work, my experience helps me know how to fix it.”

Value Engineering Results in Increased Savings and Design Efficiency for Industrial Controls Implementation

As a project manager at Ally Energy Solutions, Ross puts this experience and know-how to work with a focus on team leadership and value engineering. He is responsible for managing contractors, ordering materials, scheduling deliveries and deadlines, and keeping projects within budget. Ross and his team of seven mechanical project managers and eight industrial controls specialists are always looking for ways to apply their experience in a way that results in client savings.

Ross is a team leader with a talent for visualizing the most efficient path forward. His years of experience have taught him that plans are fluid, and when modifications are necessary, the result can be an even better outcome for the client. As a born communicator with a knack for being able to explain complex ideas to non-engineers, Ross engages with clients and explains design concepts in an accessible way that leads to faster approvals and overall job site efficiency.

Custom Energy Efficiency Projects Require a Team with Experience – And That’s What Ally Delivers

Each project is custom to the facility. Design and implementation are specific to the building’s use and function. Schedules are rigid by necessity, but plans are fluid by nature. When issues arise, there needs to be an experienced team ready to make the necessary adjustments.

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