Arizona is SRP Utility Territory

Ally Recognized by SRP as Top Contributor to the Arizona Utility’s Custom Incentive Program

Ally Energy Solutions is honored to receive the SRP Business Solutions FY2019 Top Contributor Award. This award is given to the top three Energy Efficiency Alliance members that deliver the highest kWh/kW savings to SRP’s custom business program. The award recognizes Ally’s work upgrading and optimizing industrial refrigeration systems for an Arizona manufacturer, resulting in 3,267,000 kWh in annual energy savings. The project also received more than $300,000 in SRP incentives.

About SRP – Water and Electric Utility Serving Central Arizona

SRP is a non-profit, water and electric utility serving Central Arizona for more than a century. With an understanding that efficiency does not take a one size fits all approach, the utility has developed a custom business rebate program in which entities have the flexibility to develop custom efficiency projects, while still qualifying for rebates and incentives. Commercial refrigeration systems fall within this category and because of this, Ally was able to develop an upgrade plan tailored to the specific needs of the manufacturing facility, while still qualifying for the utility-backed cost offsets.

Refrigeration System Upgrade Delivers >$280K in Annual Cost Savings

The project included optimization of the existing manual controls system, condenser upgrades including induced draft condensers and variable frequency drives (VFD’s), as well as remote monitoring. The upgrades delivered beyond initial project scope, had an upfront simple payback of just two years and a ten-year positive cash flow of more than three million dollars.

Another Example of a Project Where Everyone Wins

As utilities continue to seek ways to lower the energy footprint of their largest clients, projects such as this will continue to serve as an example of how the alignment of supply and demand side interests result in project outcomes that benefit everyone.

This custom refrigeration upgrade delivered the grid impacts that the utility sought, the rebates offset the owners cost of improvement and the ongoing annual energy savings will benefit the facility owner for years to come.

The Greenhouse Gas Equivalent (Carbon Dioxide Emissions) for

3.26 million kWh = 2,310 Metric Tons

This is the same amount of emissions that come from:
Car Icon
491 Passenger Cars Driven for One Year
Gas Pump Icon
259,960 Gallons of Gas, Consumed
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Charging Your Cell Phone 294,586,904 Times!
It would take 2,719 acres of US forests one year to absorb the carbon dioxide equivalent of the annual energy saved on this project.

We’re Meeting the Objectives of Both Utilities and Large-Scale Energy Consumers.

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