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Ally Recognizes Exceptional Team Members with 2019 Wingman and Founders Award

This past January, the entire Ally Energy Solutions team assembled in San Marcos, California to attend the company’s annual meeting. The meeting, entitled the Enterprise View of Energy, featured three days of educational talks, team building activities, and networking opportunities, that provided a chance for all team members to gather together and learn more about Ally’s long-term approach to energy efficiency as it applies to the company’s ever-growing portfolio of projects.

The annual meeting was also a time to honor the exemplary individuals who go above and beyond in service of the company and fellow team members. Ally gives out two types of awards to acknowledge these outstanding individuals – the Cliff Eubanks Wingman Award and the Founders Award.


Putting the Interest of the Team First

The Ally Energy Solutions Cliff Eubanks Wingman Award honors those team members who embody the principles of service and set an example for all of us by putting the interests of the team ahead of their own. This award reflects the culture of service that makes up the backbone of Ally’s mission and vision. We believe that our partners’ interests are as important as our own, and, similarly, we encourage our team members to help each other succeed in ways big and small. When we see an individual working this way, outside of the spotlight, content only with the reward of contributing to a job well done, we want to recognize that effort.


“The Wingman Award was established in conjunction with Ally’s 2020 Annual Meeting to recognize the extraordinary character and value of Ally team members who, in the spirit of the Wingman, protect their partner at all costs, putting the interests of the team first, comfortable that this behavior is its own reward. I’ve had the privilege of working with Cliff for nearly twenty years and can tell you that he is the epitome of these qualities. So much so, and recognized by his peers, he is the namesake and first recipient of the Cliff Eubanks Wingman award, which will carry his name from this point forward.” 

-Ray Pustinger, Ally CEO


“I am deeply honored to receive the award, but to have it named The Cliff Eubanks Wingman Award and be the first recipient is beyond my grasp.”

-Cliff Eubanks, Ally Auditor

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For 2019, we are pleased to announce that in addition to Cliff Eubanks, two additional Ally team members deserve recognition for such commendable efforts:


“When it came time to select this year’s Wingman Award winners, Jeremy was an obvious choice. His dedication to excellence is an example for us all. The fact that he approaches every job with humility, appreciating the challenge outside of any possible recognition makes him one of Ally’s true standouts.”

-Brian Walterbach, Ally Executive Vice President and Founding Partner


 “To have the recognition of my colleagues is great. I don’t work for it, but I want all of my work to be worthy of receiving it. I am honored, but I also know that each project we take on is a huge team effort that is beyond any awards.”

-Jeremy Anderson, Ally Senior Project Manager

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“Henry’s day-in, day-out dedication to Ally’s vision, mission, and values, and his enthusiasm for the work itself are exactly what the Wingman Award was created to honor. The simple fact is that we would not be successful without the efforts of dedicated team members like Henry. We appreciate his work and truly value his efforts on the company’s behalf.”

-Troy Moran, Ally Executive Vice President, and Founding Partner


“As a person who is rarely at a loss for words, receiving this award – and having two of my children in attendance when I received it – was an honor that really took me by surprise. As the founders described the award, I couldn’t help but think about all the selfless people in this organization who work behind the scenes to make this company great.

I am blessed to work for a company that has a management team so focused on each of their employees’ success and wellbeing, coworkers who give so much of themselves to assure our success, and support personnel—from investors to interested parties—that believe so much in this company. I feel rewarded everyday simply by getting to work with this great organization!”

-Henry Fox, Ally Director of Mechanical Construction

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Thank you, Cliff, Jeremy, and Henry for your tireless work and dedication to the Ally vision.

Providing Service with Integrity and Loyalty

The Ally Energy Solutions Founders Award was created to honor team members who embody the qualities of service, integrity, and loyalty as demonstrated in the work of our late founding partner and friend, Royal Smith. Royal was a tireless advocate of the Ally mission and supported the company both financially and morally up to his passing in 2019.


“The Founders Award is a way to honor those team members that epitomize Ally’s culture of excellence. Royal’s standards drove him to be a better version of himself every single day. For him, it didn’t matter what you chose to do with your life as long as you did it well, acted with integrity in all ways, and enjoyed the journey. Those values are built into the Ally culture and drive us forward as we strive to be excellent in our trade and in the understanding of the objectives that our clients and associates want to achieve.”

-Shawn Rash, Ally President & Founding Partner

The Founders Award has been created to honor Royal’ memory and recognize those who share his values. The award will presented to exceptional team members who embody Royal’s qualities of optimism, loyalty, service, effort, integrity, and problem-solving. We are fortunate to have a high-character team that shares these values. For 2019, we are proud to recognize Evan Bowers for his exceptional contributions to Ally’s success and culture.


“We are grateful to Evan for his daily contribution to Ally’s culture of excellence. Without individuals like him, dedicating themselves to our vision and values, we simply would not be able to provide the high caliber of service to our clients that has led to our enormous success.”

-Shawn Rash, Ally President & Founding Partner


“It is humbling to receive the Founders Award, and, while I am honored, in some ways I feel like I don’t deserve it, because I see the qualities that this award represents in the great team I work with every day.

I never had the privilege to know Royal but I can tell he was a great man whose selfless support of Ally’s founders has had a huge impact on all of us. I’m thankful that in a similar manner, this company’s founders believe in me and this team to carry out their vision. As we continue to solve our clients’ challenges through true partnership and serving their best interests, Ally’s commitment to doing things the right way will continue to be what makes this company so successful and the reason why working together is such a privilege.”

-Evan Bowers, Ally Director of Engineering

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Thank you, Evan, for your hard work, integrity, loyalty, and dedication to service.

Our Team is What Makes Us Great!

While we are proud of this year’s award winners and are endlessly grateful for their hard work, and dedication to Ally’s mission, vision, and goals, we deeply appreciate each and every one of our team members and the integrity that they bring to their jobs every single day.

Our team is what makes us great! We look forward to another year of success and achievement through collaboration, innovation, and hard work. Go! Go! Go!