Redaptive Ally Collaboration

Ally Collaborates with Redaptive to Help Saint-Gobain Identify and Implement Cost-Saving Efficiency Projects

Upgrades Help the Company Meet Corporate Sustainability Objectives While Improving Building Functionality and Safety

This past year, Ally Energy Solutions teamed up with efficiency-as-a-service (EaaS) provider, Redaptive on a number of energy efficiency projects for their client, international construction materials company Saint-Gobain. Ally was honored to be selected as the implementation partner for LED lighting upgrades, sensors, and measurement and verification implementation at multiple facilities across the United States.

Saint-Gobain, one of the largest manufacturers of construction materials globally, plans to have all their operations be 100% carbon neutral by 2050. Ally’s energy efficiency upgrades help them move closer to that objective. At the same time, Redaptive’s efficiency-as-a-service financing structure allows them to make these upgrades without tapping into the company’s capital resources.

Driving Efficiency Across Manufacturing Plants – Watch the Video:


What is Efficiency-as-a-Service?

These days, there are a number of energy efficiency finance methods ranging from cap-ex financing to initiating an operating lease to tapping into PACE funding. While each option has its pros and cons, there is a clear winner in the speed of implementation, ROI, and risk: EaaS.

Efficiency-as-a-Service is a relatively new finance method in which the portfolio owner enters into an off-balance sheet service agreement with a company like Redaptive to pay for efficiency projects with funds generated by the project’s cost savings over time.

EaaS changes the paradigm of how you can go about doing efficiency.” – Blair Sturm, Process Sustainability and Energy Manager, Saint-Gobain, North America.

Early buy-out and buy-down options incentivize rapid program deployment, creating a strategic advantage compared to the traditional, incremental CAPEX approach. Projects are completed quickly, and their associated energy cost savings begin immediately. This is a particularly attractive strategy for multi-site industrial facilities portfolios because it leaves capital funds free for other projects.

Ally and EaaS – Working Together to Help Industrial Efficiency Improve Operational Efficiency

Ally Energy Solutions helps industrial facilities upgrade their portfolios in the most cost-effective manner possible. Additionally, LED lighting and controls upgrades are performed around facility production schedules so as not to disturb operations.

As the Saint-Gobain video explains, their efficiency upgrades return 50-80% in energy savings while improving workplace comfort and safety. The Redaptive dashboard allows Saint-Gobain executives to review the cost savings, energy savings, and carbon offsets at-a-glance for any of their locations. Meanwhile, off-balance-sheet financing eliminates the hurdle of competing for capital funds.

We’re proud to be a part of the efficiency team that bringing cost-effective strategies to industrial facilities nationwide! Find out more about our projects now: