Ally Energy Solutions Receives JBS/Pilgrim’s 2020 Supplier of the Year Award

Leading US Protein Producer Recognizes Ally for Its Support Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic

Ally Energy Solutions is honored to receive the JBS/Pilgrim’s 2020 Supplier of the Year Award. The recognition comes after an unprecedented year of challenges for industries from every sector due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Ally’s longstanding partnership with JBS/Pilgrim’s has resulted in numerous energy savings projects throughout the years. When the pandemic altered the operational landscape for the entire food industry, Ally was in position and ready to help JBS/Pilgrim’s in preparing and supplying the upgrades necessary to continue operations despite all of the change.

2020 Supplier of the Year Award is Yet Another Example of Ally Team Effort at Its Finest

Ally’s ability to immediately provide the services and materials that JBS/Pilgrim’s needed throughout this year of disruption and challenge directly resulted from our team’s effort and capabilities. We were able to change tactics midstream, pivot to new projects, and develop new supply chains despite shipping disruptions, travel restrictions, product inventory delays, and the day-to-day operational challenges of adapting to new work environments and regulations – both at home and on-site.

Ally engineers, project managers, operational strategists, and support staff adapted quickly and capably, demonstrating that our team is more than just experts at their stated positions. They can also rapidly evolve their capabilities to remain on the leading edge of industry no matter what unforeseen circumstances arise to alter the landscape.

Big Thanks to JBS/Pilgrim’s for This Honor

As a proud partner to essential businesses throughout the pandemic, we thank JBS/Pilgrim’s for this recognition. It’s been a challenging year for everyone, and we are grateful for the opportunity to help where we can.

Ally provides the technology and infrastructure for employee wellness during challenging times. Find out more about our Covid-19 Indoor Wellness strategies here: