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Demand-Side Energy Management

In part-one of our three-part series, we examined the supply-side of industrial-scale energy management – what it is, why it’s important and the various components utilized to develop holistic efficiency strategies. Here in part two, we take a look at the demand side of the equation – an aspect of energy management that is probably more familiar because it includes the on-site hardware, controls and components that make up the backbone of an efficient operation. These demand-side energy operations represent the visible manifestation of a strategic energy plan, but it’s important to note that the physical components are only as effective as the supply-side review and the data and measurement that support them.

Here at Ally, when we talk about the “Enterprise View of Energy” that drives all of our efforts, we are talking about a whole system view of energy management that accounts for long- and short-term economics, operational efficiency, sustainability, and carbon reduction. Our plans are comprehensive and factor in the ways the modification to one system can positively or negatively impact other systems, and the ways that the order of implementation can impact the economics of efficiency projects over the long-term. This is to say, energy efficiency is more than just a lighting upgrade and more than a single system retrofit. Each and every one of our demand-side efforts are supported by supply-side research, in-depth data analysis, and expert planning.

Part Two: Demand-Side Energy Management

Tablet Controlled Industrial Controls

The components of demand-side energy management drive the performance of the entire facility. From lighting, sensors and controls, to HVAC, boilers and refrigeration, demand-side improvements not only impact energy efficiency, they impact the operational efficiency of the building, the machinery, and the labor force.

Demand Side Solutions Deliver:
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Improved Operations
  • Energy Security
  • System Modernization
  • Supply-Side Tariff and Rebate Qualifications

Where It All Begins – LED Lighting and Sensor Backed Controls

LED Lighting and Sensor Backed Controls

LED Lighting is where strategic energy management begins, because the financial, operational and environmental return on investment is so significant.

  • Lighting sensor and control retrofits can be the starting point for future projects that improve building occupancy plans, loss prevention efforts, and employee wellness.
  • Long-lasting LED lights reduce system maintenance costs and improve safety.
  • Improved light quality contributes to employee comfort and visibility.

Above all, the financial and efficiency benefits of a LED lighting upgrade are so robust that the cost savings can be used to finance other demand-side projects that are necessary but provide a smaller financial return. In fact, the cost saving potential of a lighting upgrade cannot be overstated. One Ally client – Steelscape in Washington – saved $70K in annual energy costs while slashing their energy consumption by 1.2 million kWh when they upgraded their lighting system to sensor backed LEDs. In just under three years, the project will have paid for itself in saved utility costs, with a total of nearly $500,000 of cash flow freed up over the first ten-year period.

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Controls and Process Upgrades Modernize Systems, Improve Security and Deliver Cost Savings

Refrigeration, compressed air, PLC controls, automation – when it comes to operational efficiency, cost savings and process improvements go hand in hand. This is the true beauty of today’s energy efficiency landscape – projects that reduce energy consumption and shrink a company’s carbon footprint also improve profit margins because they make the entire operation function better.

Here’s a list of a few of our more recent projects:

Wastewater Project

Replace surface aerators with sub-surface propellers and implemented aeration blower controls upgrades.

2-year simple payback
Refrigeration Project

Automate controls system and perform condenser upgrades.

$3 million ten-year positive cash flow
PAA Reclamation Project

Wastewater treatment, PH Adjustment, water, PAA chemical.

Annual cost savings $849,881
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Ally – Demand-Side, Supply-Side, All Sides Energy Management Experts

The Ally team has decades of experience that we put to work to develop comprehensive demand-side energy management strategies for companies ranging from food production to shipping and logistics to aviation and industrial manufacturing. Our solutions are designed to take full advantage of rebates, incentives and financing mechanisms that result in low to no capital expenditures. Meanwhile, our data solutions verify cost savings and monitor efficiency over time to insure projects perform as promised.

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