PRESS RELEASE: Ally Energy Solutions Partners with Bitcoin Mining Solutions Provider, JAI Energy

Collaboration will provide site-specific Bitcoin mining solutions that utilize stranded hydrocarbons and/or excess stored energy.

Ally Energy Solutions is pleased to announce its partnership with Wyoming-based Bitcoin energy solutions provider JAI Energy. JAI Energy designs a portable Bitcoin mining infrastructure for clients looking to generate profit from surplus on-site energy production. The partnership, part of Ally’s ongoing commitment to leading-edge energy management, will provide industrial facilities with an additional profit opportunity connected to the implementation of clean energy projects while also helping improve Bitcoin’s environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) footprint.

“This is an exciting partnership,” said Ally President and Founding Partner, Shawn Rash, “The market is moving quickly to adopt a zero-carbon infrastructure. JAI’s Bitcoin mining solutions perfectly compliment Ally’s clean energy projects, and we’re thrilled to be able to help bring ESG compliant solutions to our clients looking for exposure in the expanding digital currency space.”

Ally’s Biogas Capabilities Support JAI’s Bitcoin Mining Energy Diversification Initiative


With a portfolio of more than three billion cubic feet of annual renewable biogas production at various stages of development, Ally has the energy infrastructure to support carbon-friendly Bitcoin mining. Meanwhile, the JAI partnership provides built-to-suit, portable Bitcoin mining modules that eliminate the need for expensive energy pipeline infrastructure. This partnership creates the potential for up to 30 MW of Bitcoin mining infrastructure to be placed on renewable biogas sources.

“We are very excited at JAI to work with Ally to offer creative solutions that capture value from what would otherwise be wasted energy,” said Justin Ballard, JAI’s CEO and Co-Founder. “Additionally, this agreement exemplifies how Bitcoin mining companies and energy solutions providers can work together to build a clean energy infrastructure that is profitable – and sustainable – for all stakeholders.”

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