Ally – California Solar Power Project

Elevating California’s Manufacturing Sector with Solar Power

Exciting news from Ally Energy Solutions! We’re making significant strides in a solar project for a leading steel manufacturer in California. As the project’s EPC contractor, we’ve brought our full enterprise value from the drawing board to reality, ensuring that this venture not only meets but exceeds expectations in terms of sustainability, efficiency, and safety.

Project Snapshot:

  • Current Milestone: 90% of the roof racking system is now in place, setting the stage for the final installation phase.
  • Impactful Numbers: The 901 kW rooftop solar installation is expected to generate 1,380,607 kWh in its first year, offsetting 57% of the facility’s energy needs and slashing greenhouse gas emissions by 322.8 metric tonnes.

Our role has extended beyond installation. From the early stages of concept and engineering, navigating through the complexities of the California NEM 2.0 tariff, to securing the interconnection permit, we’ve brought our A-game. This project reflects our commitment to delivering energy solutions that make a difference.

Collaborative Success

The collaboration with our funding partner, Redaptive, has been crucial; providing competitive capital solutions to the deliver the best financial and energy-efficiency outcomes for our customer.

Together with AES (Global Energy Companies), we’ve analyzed Power Purchase Agreement options, ensuring the project aligns with both financial goals and California’s energy sustainability targets.

This project is a significant step in redefining how industrial facilities can operate sustainably. We’re proud to lead the way in integrating renewable energy into California’s manufacturing landscape, driving toward a future where industry and environmental stewardship converge seamlessly.