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Farm-First Biogas Solutions

Why Ally RNG?

At Ally RNG we believe in a farm-first approach to biogas projects, and we have a history in farming that extends from our boardroom to our people in the field. Our domain experience combined with your knowledge of your farm can lead to increased operational efficiencies and greater environmental and financial benefits.

Why Biogas?

Energy markets and technology have evolved to enable new, profitable opportunities for farm-based biogas generation. The farming industry is positioned to be a major contributor to our national energy grid as we transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy.

Bio-Gas Solutions. How it Works

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Clean. Renewable. Profitable.

Operational Benefits

Well-designed biogas projects can improve animal waste management systems and overall farm efficiency while maximizing biogas yields.

Upgrades to infrastructure are made with little to no disruption to existing farming operations.

Environmental Benefits

Biogas-to-energy systems convert methane that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere into a clean, sustainable energy source that can be used to power vehicles, homes, businesses, and industry.

Biogas production reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and when used to displace fossil fuels, can result in carbon negative systems.

Financial Benefits

Waste-to-energy projects transform the cost of waste management into long-term, recurring revenue streams.

Biogas projects allow farms to diversify revenue by participating in the energy market.

“The reduction of methane emissions derived from tapping all the potential biogas in the United States would be equal to the annual emissions of as many as 11 million passenger vehicles.”

– EESI Environmental and Energy Study Institute

First-Ever Swine to RNG Project in Texas

Biogas System Adds Operational Value and Generates Profitable, Clean Energy.

Ally RNG’s partnership with a Texas-based, 27,000-hog swine producer is a recent
example of the economic and environmental benefits that come with biogas production:

Wastewater Lagoon:
2.5 acres
20 Million Gallons

Expected Annual
Market Gas Production:
>50,000 MMBTU

Ally Investment in
Operational Infrastructure:
>4 Million Dollars

Funded-Deferred Waste-Handling Infrastructure:
>1 Million Dollars

Development Time from
Concept to Completion:
<12 months

Gas Revenue: Funded
Infrastructure and Increased
Farm Revenue

Ally Team Members On Site
Ally Team Selfie

Ally RNG – Your Biogas Solutions Partner

In order to deliver effective renewable energy solutions within complex operating environments, it’s imperative that a company have the right skills and subject matter expertise, and Ally RNG does. We will work with you to determine the most profitable waste-to-energy solution based on your size, location operational needs, and market opportunities.

We are a proven partner in helping farmers update existing waste management infrastructure to create profitable revenue streams from biogas.

End-to-End Biogas Solutions:

  • Project Economics and Funding
  • Targeted Feasibility Assessment
  • Site-Specific Evaluation and Engineering
  • Complete Design-Build Responsibility
  • Optimized Operational, Economic and Environmental Benefits
  • Ongoing Operation and Maintenance

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