Meet the Ally Team of Energy Industry Experts


Raymond A. Pustinger


Carlsbad, CA

Ray has been building companies, relationships, and brands in the energy solutions industry since 1989, leading three different energy solutions businesses to scaled growth and sustained success. Decades of serving national markets as a service provider, an equipment manufacturer, and a utility consultant have created a national peer network and technical experience spans commercial lighting…

Shawn Rash

BEP, CEM, CEP, CDSM, NASCLA & ICC National Certified General Contractor

President, Founding Partner
Fredericksburg, TX

As Ally Energy Solutions President, Shawn leads our Business Development team with his passion for service, an intuitive curiosity that allows him to see opportunities where others do not, and a remarkable ability to create opportunity for our clients. Shawn’s nearly two decades in the energy solutions space began in utility tax consulting, providing large energy consuming industrial customers with tax and utility…

Troy Moran

Executive Vice President, Founding Partner
Littleton, CO

Troy has been building and leading high-performing teams for over 30 years in the energy, lighting and electrical industries. Troy is currently responsible for the design, development and implementation of industrial, energy efficient projects across the US, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. With over thirty years of combined experience in construction and project management of lighting…

Brian Walterbach

Vice President, Founding Partner
Overland Park, KS

Brian is a true native in the energy solutions community. After graduating from Rockhurst University in 2006, he began working with Kansas City based American Energy Solutions, where he learned the supply side discipline of tariff analysis. In his role as a Field Service Manager, Brian learned the tremendous challenges and opportunities of demand side energy efficiency. During this time, Brian established…

Erlan Rice

Vice President, Industry Principal, Industrial Controls
Lenexa, KS

Erlan Rice is a systems integration and process controls specialist with more than thirty years’ experience in the design and operation of electrical and electronics systems. With expertise in process control design, SCADA systems, variable speed drives, and ammonia (NH3) refrigeration systems, Erlan helps...

Leadership Team

Greg Bair

Senior Director, Applied Technology
Los Angeles, CA

As an energy industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience in lighting, controls, HVAC and IoT efficiency systems, Greg Bair leads Ally Energy teams in roadmapping mechanical and data-driven solutions that result in long term energy and cost savings for large scale industrial facilities. Greg specializes in the development and engineering of…

Evan Bowers


Director of Engineering
Conway, AR

With a deep understanding of utility-side efficiency programs and years of project management experience, Evan brings a high level of insight to Ally’s strategic energy plans. Evan began his career as a field engineer for a utility energy efficiency program implementer. During this time, he was exposed to a variety of industrial facilities, processes and energy systems. After a few years of performing audits…

Kyle Buffinton

Director, Industrial Controls
Shawnee, KS

Kyle Buffinton is an industrial controls expert who leads the Ally team of system integrators in the design, development, and implementation of industrial automated control and data acquisition systems. Kyle has delivered value-added solutions to industrial and manufacturing clients including food processors, aviation equipment manufacturers, and...

Todd Knapek

Director, Data Solutions
San Marcos, CA

As director of data solutions for Ally Energy, Todd Knapek approaches every project through the lens of his experience as a mechanical and electrical systems specialist. With a background that includes work as an energy auditor, chief engineer and facility automations manager, Todd has a “whole-systems” perspective, which allows him to develop data solutions that are multi-faceted...

Chris Long

Lighting & Electrical Construction Manager
Denver, CO

Chris Long is a Project Manager who relies on his years of experience as a field electrician and electrical foreman to help implement industrial, manufacturing and distribution energy efficiency projects that meet the needs of both financing interests and facilities management staff. Based out of our Colorado office, Chris is an expert in installation-side management and has applied...

Ross Smith

Director, Mechanical Construction
Wheat Ridge, CO

Ross Smith brings more than a decade of experience in the design and installation of industrial power systems to his role as an Ally project manager. As an on-site supervisor and team leader, Ross uses his vast knowledge of electrical systems to make sure all project control and distribution systems...

Applied Technology Group

Jeremy Dillon


Energy Engineer
Little Rock, AR

Jeremy is a highly analytical performance-driven engineering professional tasked with identifying, developing and implementing energy efficiency projects for Ally Energy clients. He performs complex energy measurement and verification activities for industrial refrigeration, compressed air, and various other technologies. Jeremy received B.S. and M.S. degrees in mechanical engineering from…

Cliff Eubanks

Logansport, LA

With 27 years of experience in the lighting retrofit industry and millions of square feet of audited facility space under his belt, Cliff Eubanks is an expert at identifying the correct lighting solutions for every type of commercial or industrial application. As a lead auditor...

Dave Llewellyn

Sr. Lighting & Controls Designer
Snoqualmie, WA

With over 30 years of experience in high-performance lighting and controls, Dave applies his professional experience and subject matter expertise to the challenging manufacturing and distribution environments that have become the Ally team specialty. With literally hundreds of millions of square feet of retrofitted space to his credit, Dave has a passion for quality illumination, bringing tremendous…

Jackie Manatt


Energy Engineer
Fayetteville, AR

Jackie is a detail oriented Energy Engineer with years of experience identifying, implementing, and verifying energy efficiency projects for both industrial and commercial customers. He has a background in utility rebate programs and a thorough understanding of utility incentive acquisition. During his career he has worked extensively on industrial steam, natural gas, and building HVAC systems, as well as compressed…

Cal Pasvogel


Senior Principal Engineer
La Crescent, MN

As a senior principal engineer, Cal Pasvogel oversees design, scoping and trouble-shooting for a nationwide portfolio of Ally efficiency projects. Applying the principals of economic justification to resource conservation, Cal designs industrial scale efficiency projects with cost savings always being a primary motivator...

Calvin Wohlert


Principal Engineer
Denver, CO

As the Principal Engineer at Ally Energy, Calvin sets the standard for our process engineering, industrial refrigeration, cogeneration and other complex solutions. Whether it is a CO2 conservation opportunity, a digester gas cleanup strategy, or something completely unique to a specific manufacturing process, Calvin approaches every facility with a blank slate and has an incredible talent…

Greg Stevens

Principal Engineer
Carlsbad, CA

Greg Stevens is a principal engineer with specializations in cogeneration, waste heat recovery, energy storage, refrigeration and HVAC. With decades of experience developing demand-side management solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional customers, Greg provides top-level guidance and assessment for many of Ally’s most complex projects...

Construction Management

Brian Anderson

Project Manager
Town Creek, AL

Brian Anderson is a Project Manager with twenty-three years electrical and mechanical experience in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, including ten years in management. Brian has built his career around developing cost-effective operations...

Jeremy Anderson

Senior Project Manager
Kuttawa, KY

Jeremy Anderson is a Senior Project Manager with twenty-years of experience as an electrician, ten years of which have been spent implementing projects within the lighting retrofit industry. He is a Master Electrician, and a licensed electrical contractor in the state of Kentucky. As a project manager…

Jeremy Calori

Master Electrician

Electrical/Mechanical Sr. Project Manager
Highlands Ranch, CO

With twenty-five years in the construction industry – thirteen of which have been spent right here at Ally Energy Solutions — Jeremy Calori is one of our most adept and capable Senior Project Managers. During his tenure with Ally, Jeremy has built his mechanical and electrical implementation expertise while overseeing the total construction of over twenty million square feet of…

Jackson Felts

Site Superintendent
Fairview, TN

Jackson Felts is an Ally Site Superintendent responsible for running the day to day operations of on-sight lighting retrofits and installations. As part of the Ally team, Jackson applies his exemplary communication and organizational skills to maintain project schedules, delegate tasks and coordinate subcontractors...

Henry Fox

Project Manager
Grand Junction, CO

Henry Fox is an Ally Energy project manager who leads his team with a focus on workplace safety and efficient project implementation. Over the span of his thirty-year career, Henry has developed a comprehensive knowledge of industrial manufacturing, industrial maintenance, and the energy industry as a whole...

Alec Johnson

Site Superintendent
Grand Junction, CO

As a project development assistant, Alec Johnson is responsible for project organization and status management. As the go-to help on permit expediting, proposal development and document compiling, Alec is instrumental to the day-to-day activities across multiple Ally projects...

Tanner Neil

Site Superintendent
Glendale, AZ

As a site superintendent, Tanner Neil helps manage Ally’s industrial manufacturing efficiency projects. In this capacity, Tanner helps ensure the adherence to all safety and quality control guidelines, while managing schedules and sub-contractors. His first priority is to meet implementation deadlines and perform upgrades with the least amount of intrusion possible to day-to-day operations. Prior to joining Ally...

Jeffry Peters

Site Superintendent
Overland Park, KS

Jeffry Peters is a site superintendent with fifteen-years’ experience in the industrial electrical space. Throughout his career, he has worked as a superintendent, operations manager, estimator, and project design bid builder. Educated in industrial electrical theory and process control, Jeffry spends his time onsite making sure that Ally projects are...

Aaron Shaw

Project Manager
Sherwood, AR

Aaron Shaw is a master electrician with twenty years’ experience, fifteen of which were spent as a foreman. Throughout his tenure, Aaron has specialized in installation-side project management and quality assurance. As part of the Ally team, he is responsible for ensuring all aspects of the project – from plan deployment to sensor integration, to product integrity – are implemented correctly and with efficiency...

Ed Tabor

Senior Project Manager
Pace, FL

Ed Tabor is a construction manager responsible for all aspects on Ally’s on-site project implementation. In addition to coordinating and managing projects, Ed is adept and identifying and troubleshooting issues with mechanical systems and controls. With a focus on safety and compliance...

Troy Weston

Senior Project Manager
Nashville, TN

Troy Weston is a senior project developer and head of Ally’s electrical division. With decades of experience as an electrician and project manager, Troy is an expert at minimal-impact lighting installation. As a project communication liaison and boots-on-ground manager, Troy leads his implementation teams with...

Travis Williams

Senior Project Manager
Loveland, CO

As a former systems-engineer and director of electrical technologies, Travis Williams brings more than twenty-two-years’ experience in the fields of electrical automation design, industrial refrigeration systems and administration to his role as senior project manager for Ally. Travis oversees large cap projects with a talent for creative problem...

Industrial Controls

Randy Daily

Systems Build Engineer
Olathe, KS

As a systems build engineer, Randy Daily helps the Ally integration and data solutions team create the frameworks that support and facilitate the deployment of portfolio-wide automated controls. In addition to his work as a systems integrator, Randy also has a background in...

Levi Davison

Shawnee, KS

Levi Davison is a programmer and draftsman who brings years of experience in computer science and database management to the Ally system integration team. As a programmer, Levi specializes in the design and deployment of industrial data applications that result in heightened system visibility and efficiency. He uses his background...

Jordan Edwards

Controls Engineer
Shawnee, KS

Jordan Edwards is a control engineer responsible for the design and troubleshooting of control systems for some of Ally’s largest industrial manufacturing clients. Jordan has spent years working with systems including Rockwell, Schneider, Siemens, GE, and Mitsubishi PLC, and development programs including Inductive Automation...

Corbin Miller

Client Services
Overland Park, KS

Corbin Miller is a member of Ally Energy Solutions’ client services team where he works with administration and accounting to prepare purchase orders, communicate with...

Emanuel Torres

Controls Engineer
Independence, MO

Emanuel Torres is an Ally controls engineer specializing in automation, with an extensive background in mechanical installations, upgrades and troubleshooting. His controls expertise includes Smart MCC’s, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and field service. Emanuel is adept at developing PLC and...

Lucas McKee

Field Engineer
Phoenix, AZ

Lucas McKee is an Ally field engineer who specializes in on-site control systems commissioning, client software upgrade installations, client database management, and technical support. Lucas uses his knowledge of...

Sales, Service and Support

Mark Atkinson

Carlsbad, CA

With more than 25 years of experience as both a Financial and Administrative Controller working within the industrial manufacturing and energy solutions sectors, Mark understands the Ally business as well as our customers and valued suppliers. He is a highly skilled finance and accounting professional directly responsible for the development, implementation and…

Tim Begnoche

Client Services Manager
Overland Park, KS

As an Ally team project administrator, Tim Begnoche combines his skills as an analyst and researcher with his interest in energy efficiency and sustainable business to effectively source and secure utility backed rebates and incentives for Ally clients. In this capacity, Tim is a utility rebate program expert for dozens of states. In addition to his work on the structured…

Dea Goldsmith

Brand Manager, Creative Director
Los Angeles, CA

Dea Goldsmith is an advertising creative and former agency owner and CCO, with B2B market specializations in clean energy products and IoT building efficiency applications and systems.

Joe Janes

Vice President, Key Accounts
Denver, CO

As a customer-focused and relationship-driven sales professional dedicated to fostering long-term business connections, Joe Janes is committed to the Ally philosophy which places authentic value to the client and to the facility above all else. Joe brings to Ally twenty years of experience as a sales manager covering multiple territories…

Justin Willett

Vice President, Business Development
Overland Park, KS

Justin’s career has revolved around manufacturing, industrial, and distribution facilities. Initially engaged in the design and construction of manufactured buildings with a global leader in engineered building solutions, Justin began to focus on opportunities to add value by making the built environment more energy efficient. Through a systemic approach to sustainability, configured to his engineered buildings…